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Адрес: Москва,
1-й Кожевнический пер., д.6,
оф. 402, м. Павелецкая, ветка метро Замоскворецкая, Кольцевая
(495) 989-84-82

Адрес: 603155, г.Н.Новгород,
пос. Черепичный 2
(831) 466-63-12

Prioksky mechanical plant

We welcome you on the Prioksky mechanical plant site!

Our company specializes in the design engineering and manufacturing of equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, machine-building and gas industries, in particular:

  • steel welded tanks and vessels with operating pressure up to 16 MPa;
  • vessels with agitator;
  • vessels of the column type;
  • heat exchange equipment.

The plant was founded in 1935, at that time it was called Gorky cooperative artel “Sudoremontstroy” with branches in Tallinn, Stalingrad, Batumi, Astrakhan, Sevastopol, Poti, Vladivostok, etc.; in 1946 the artel was transformed into Gorky artel “Kotelshchik”; in 1973 in Gorky experimental mechanical plant, and in 2006 the company was renamed into “Prioksky mechanical plant” LLC.

The total plant area is 2.7 hectares, on which there are located 5 production and one admin building. The plant has the necessary production facilities, appropriate metal-working and welding equipment, competent and qualified staff.

The specialized design engineering bureau as a part of the plant is equipped with modern computer-aided design systems capable of implementing all the design engineering works at a high technical level and with a quality meeting Russian and international regulations and standards.

The company has introduced a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001.

The non-destructive testing laboratory as a part of the plant conducts hydraulic, pneumatic testing, as well as testing of welds, microscopic metallography, steeloscope, X-ray, testing of insulation coatings, etc. The laboratory is certified and has a certificate of attestation of an independent organization.

We are ready to develop business relationships and invite you to cooperation and implementation of joint projects!

You can send your questions and requests in English to the following e-mails: pmz@gaztech.ru, tuzov@gaztech.ru, kokolina@gaztech.ru

Phones for communication:

Secretary: phone/fax +7 (831) 466-63-12

Sales department: phone +7 (831) 466-50-00; +7 (495) 989-84-82

Procurement department: phone +7 (831) 466-63-12

Web sites: www.pmznn.ru, www.bonegaz.ru

Legal and de facto address:
603141, Nizhny Novgorod city, s. Cherepichny, 2

The plant is located in industrial zone, on the 450th kilometer of the Moscow v Kazan highway.